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ControlReady/RRS - Radio Reading Service, Books on Tape Recording & Storage

Radio Automation adapted specifically for Radio Reading Now used by more reading services than any other system

ControlReady/RRS Live Assist Utility Radio Automation Software for Reading Services Click to enlarge

Adapted for the specific needs of reading services, ControlReady has scheduling, recording and playback features added JUST for radio reading.

  • Automatically plays standard WAV files
  • Can automatically accept and decode Mp3 files
  • Compatible with QuickRecorder and other WAV recorder/editors
  • Runs on a single computer or LAN with or without server
  • Designed for use with JAWS and WindowEyes and other screen access systems
  • Works with mouse, keyboard or remote GPI buttons
  • All functions have tool tips and keyboard accellerator keys
  • Autofills between programs
  • Smart enough to pre-empt/end a program that is too long
  • Let's you start long programs at the beginning or middle and backtime
  • Power loss protection - resumes operation if restart ever occurs
  • VERY VERY simple and straightforward scheduling screen
  • Accurate on-screen log shows you where each program will start and end
  • Program evergreen files system can auto-substitute any missing programs
  • Advance program holiday IF THEN programs
  • Powerful Rotation Engine allows day of the week and hourly exclusions
  • On-screen warnings for missing or out of date material
  • Automatic backup - can sync files with a 2nd computer
  • Single button toggle between walk-away and live-assist mode
  • Live assist provides remote triggering from console
  • Instant replay screens customizable for each show host
  • Edit logs in real time without ever stopping the system
  • Handles all satellite formats and is Content Depot Compatible
  • RDS title and artist support
  • Simultaneous play/record and overlapping
  • Record multiple shows at the same time
  • Start programs while they are STILL recording
  • Simple while-you-listen voice tracking
  • Fully managed as-run confirmation logs
  • Time sync to Internet servers or satellite closures
  • Full support for Broadcast Tools and compatible switchers and GPI logic
  • Runs from 2000/XP compatible computers
  • Works with all windows WAV compatible sound cards
  • *.WAV compatible - no need to convert files for loading
  • Free cut labeller you can give ALL your friends and providers
  • Auto-syncs files across LAN from production or FTP servers
  • Can automatically share your files on the web as mp3 for other services with PodcastReady
  • Can automatically post your programming 24/7 to the web with PodcastReady
  • Buy as software only or order a turnkey system complete

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