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AutoRecord programs & podcast them automatically

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Radio for the 21st Century
No matter how you originate your audio programs, PodCastReady can post and/or automatically record, convert, compress & paste together entire playlists of files and then web publish your podcasts - complete with RSS feeds to one or more web sites. Record and podcast existing shows, or schedule files you already have in-house to be sent to your web site automatically.

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  • Schedule all your recordings on a 24/7 basis
  • Record more than 1 thing at a time
  • Record based on time or GPI triggers
  • Automatically autoconvert recordings to MP3/WMA/RA
  • Automatically FTP converted files to your web site
  • Automatically update RSS/XML feed files
  • Automatically delivery to PROGRAM SHARE
  • Runs on dedicated Windows PC
  • Works with all automation systems

More Ideas:

  • Use for in-house logging and archiving needs
  • Automatically schedule the SPLICING of multiple audio files (segments, commercials, etc.) into one file which is then processed with all the above features
  • Static & dynamic file naming (overwrite specific filenames and/or form names with replaceable parameters, day, date, hour, etc)
  • Podcast Newscasts and other short features
  • Great for live-assist and newsroom use too
  • Operators can also use PodcastReady to build podcasts quickly and easily. Take any existing audio file, and send it to your web site, we'll convert, compress, upload and RSS/XML it for you automatically
  • No space for the big game on air? Drive your listeners to your web site for the full game
  • Uses your existing traffic logs

PodcastReady™ can do all this too:

  • Automatic Recording
  • Multi-channel Recording
  • Multi-Studio Recording
  • Audio Recording Schedules
  • Time-Based Audio Recording
  • Trigger-based Audio Recording
  • Remote Button Panel Triggered Recording

PodCastReady purchase includes remote configuration and setup by the WireReady team. We will help you build your schedule in our software, program all your web site FTP and RSS controls, and get you up and running for one GUARANTEED fixed price!

Turnkey software/setup packages from $495.
Tell us what you need - we'll make it happen (you supply the computer)

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