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QuickRecorder - Radio Reading Service, Books on Tape Recording & Storage

Record - Review - Save...Recording Made Simple

WireReady is the most popular software at audio information services across the country. One of our corporate missions is to keep all our software fully accessible for blind users.

  • Easy to backup and record over mistakes
  • Max Time prevents going over allotment
  • Large easy to read timers show time left
  • Large easy to see mouse buttons
  • Lots of keyboard shortcuts and tooltips
  • Works with programmable keypads
  • Record books, newspapers, magazines...
  • *.WAV compatible - non-proprietary
  • Supports automatic naming of files using formulaic number/name conventions
  • Punch in and re-record segments of recordings with autostop markers
  • Record level is displayed during record and playback
  • Preview recordings and quickly move around large files- instantly loads even huge files
  • QuickRecorder is fully accessible for visually impaired users
  • Compatible with WindowEyes, JAWS and other screen access tools
  • Automatically save mp3 or wma files and podcast with PodcastReady add-on
  • Switch between Analog and Digital meters of record levels- can also beep when you are clipping
  • Load & save locations can be pre-determined so volunteers don't have to navigate files and folders
  • Supports pin based login system and configurable list of pre-setup file names, lengths and locations
  • Works with WireReady's ControlReady automation system or can be run as a stand-alone system
  • Supports Broadcast Tools switchers and GPI logic to open/close relays, mics, speakers and on-air lights
  • Can be configured to call 3rd party labeller/conversion programs for use with other 3rd party systems
  • Cut labeller for production/psa use with ControlReady is included at no charge
  • AM/FM radio stations and newsrooms use QuickRecorder too!

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