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A History of WireReady

The Beginning of WireReady
In 1985, David Gerstmann, WireReady's founder and CEO, was an undergrad at Tufts University and worked at the student-run daily newspaper, The Tufts Daily. During his tenure as business manager for The Tufts Daily, he converted the newspaper from a typewriter-based, photo-chemical typesetting operation with paid typesetters and copy-editors, to a digital PC-based system using WordPerfect 1.0, with Windows 1.0/Pagemaker and first-generation laser printers. Going digital at the newspaper saved thousands of dollars in labor and materials, and got the paper to the publisher by an earlier deadline.

The last obstacle to going fully digital was a pesky AP printer that spewed out reams of paper each day. This was for the most part ignored because no one wanted to re-type, let alone find, wire stories to run in the paper. Available computer solutions at the time cost thousands of dollars and were outside the limited budget of a small college newspaper. The final straw was when AP stopped providing free paper and ribbons.

So in 1987, a simple software program was crafted to get the AP service off the printer and onto the computer. After graduating in 1989, Dave realized that thousands of radio stations were still taking their news on a printer. After graduating, Dave founded WireReady NSI (Newswire Systems, Inc.) to offer stations inexpensive software that freed them from the printer and automated their retrieval of news off the wire.

WireReady has grown into a full computer software company
Over the next few years, WireReady diversified into offering a full line of computer-based software solutions to broadcasters ranging from news and automation, to sales, and web. Today, WireReady supports over 2000 station newsrooms around the world, ranging from individually owned small-market facilities to major market stations, groups and radio networks. Hundreds of additional stations around the country depend on WireReady automation, web and sales systems.

WireReady established its top reputation in the industry by offering reliable and easy-to-use software with top-tier setup/training and 24/7 service at affordable prices. Since 1989, WireReady NSI has grown by providing broadcasters with standard and custom PC-based solutions for a wide range of applications.

WireReady Today
WireReady provides a wide range of integrated broadcast automation solutions including:

WireReady provides a full range of service options, providing any of the following: software only licensing, turnkey hardware/software server solutions, remote and on-site training/integration, 24/7 support and maintenance programs and custom programming.

WireReady also is an integration development partner and/or compatible with nearly every major billing/traffic, music scheduling, digital console, switcher/router, wire service, web streaming, and content management companies throughout the broadcast industry.


photo of the WireReady booth at NAB
No matter how big or custom your needs may be, WireReady delivers on its promises. Ask around.

Our reputation is our most important asset - and yours.
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