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CallTaker isn't just for school closings

CallTaker is the ultimate unattended recording system for field reporters or traffic scouts and scheduled remote broadcasts...

CallTaker is an automatic telephone recording system too
An unlimited number of accounts can be setup in your StormReady database, and they don't just have to be schools and organizations for weather related announcements. Individuals who need to call into the system and record a specific WAV file can also be setup with a PIN and ID code.

Setup an unlimited number of specific PIN code accounts and WAV files
The system knows when they call that they are someone who needs to record something. In this fashion, your staff can phone in scheduled field reports, you can have traffic scouts who are set to field specific area reports, you can setup remotely fed news and weather- anything is possible. WAV files are easily played or converted for a number of automation systems, and if you have our ControlReady component, you can make any of these files reports play automatically like a satellite-fed program through your existing automation system with closures and all. You can even have phone-fed reports that are generated specifically for your web site and go from reporter or stringer straight to your web site automatically.

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