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StormReady - School Closing Database Software and Automatic Telephone Answering Software

Add CallTaker automation and stop answering the phones

CallTaker is an automated school closing system that updates your web site AND your studio monitor news browsers.

CallTaker works with StormReady and answers the phone for you. This is a great addition if your station doesn't have the staff to man the phones late at night and early in the morning when storms are brewing.

Take the work out of collecting closing and delay information
Whenever it snows, all the local organization decision makers can call up a computer IN YOUR STATION and be guided through menus with your familiar voices. Their touch-tone selections automatically update the closing list(s) on your web site and on your news browsers throughout the station. CallTaker talks to a wide array of Digilogic/Intel based ISA or PCI based telephony cards.

Generate mailers from your Closings database to keep your local organizations up-to-date
The system includes an MS Access compatible database manager for manual entry and account maintenance, and stations who have one copy of MS access and Word can easily generate mailers and labels for annual mailings when required.

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