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Winner of R&R's NewsTalk Station of the Year (markets 1-25). KMOX uses CallTaker.

KMOX recently upgraded to CallTaker automated school closing software. With CallTaker, the station will no longer have to spend time doing database maintenance and web work during inclement weather. CallTaker answers the phones for the station and posts updates to the web site and studios with up-to-the-minute accuracy. Station staff can click on an icon on their desktop to get the latest pre-formatted and sorted lists, and the web site updates automatically without staff intervention. Because CallTaker can generate an unlimited number of in-house and web-based reports, KMOX is able to partner and provide real time data to other stations in their market without an added labor cost.

See KMOX's web site. Click on "Weather" and then the "Storm Center School Closings:"

See Radio and Records for more information about the award:

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