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Updates & Improvements

Here's a summary of some of the improvements we've been making over the years. If you are on a old version by choice or you haven't had a support plan in awhile, check out some of the features we've added and see if it might be worthwhile to upgrade or buy a support plan.

Here are some PDF documents outlining improvements in each subsequent version of our software over the last few years: (if you don't have Adobe Acrobat for viewing PDF files, get it here)

Support/Upgrade Availability
All our support plans include free upgrades, and we're happy to help you perform the upgrade. We engineer our upgrades to be transparent, and easy to do - often just replacing a single EXE file. Downgrade a version just as easily by putting the old file back. If you have a Silver, Gold or Platinum program in effect, please review our improvements from time to time and consider whether an upgrade might be worthwhile - after all, they are FREE. Or if you prefer to stay on your current version because it's perfect, we will continue to support whatever version you are running. We do not force customers to upgrade. That's why we still even have customers happily using the original DOS products they bought from us as far back as 20 years ago...granted we're encouraging them to upgrade to Windows when their machines finally die and offering very special incentives to do so. We provide upgrades 3 ways:

Customers Still Running DOS System
Please note we provide free upgrades within the same operating system, so any version of our Windows-based software can upgrade to a later Windows based version (i.e. 95/98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7 and beyond). But if you are running DOS, then Windows upgrades to the Windows version have a nominal cost or setup fee. Note: We are encouraging customers to avoid VISTA if possible, although our software is compatible.

You don't need a support plan to inquire about an upgrade or discuss a new feature you'd like
Whether or not you have a support plan, feel free to call us if you have an interest in upgrading or are curious whether we've addressed something not listed. If you ever have an idea for a new feature or anything that can make your life simpler with our products give us a call or email. Many of our customers upgrade each year specifically because they ask for new features and we provide them to their liking. We generally will do anything that is commercially feasible and won't upset other customers.

Buying Support/Upgrades
If you have a support plan, you can call or email support: If you don't have a support plan, you can inquire about rates by emailing or calling our sales department. If you are interested in an upgrade but do not want to buy an entire year of support, we can sometimes sell just the software in special cases, although generally the only way to get an upgrade is renewing a plan for at least one year. Some customers, who never need support, buy a plan every few years just to get the latest software and documentation available.


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